Yoga for everyONE

the best from the hindu and buddhist traditions

In Jämsä and Central-Finland

Are all yoga same?

It has become very easy to join a yoga course wherever you live in Finland. Teachers are many and most of them are probably competent enough to teach the postures called asanas. In case you practice Yoga only for having a strong, flexible and tonic body, it is fine. However, if you are looking for inner peace and inner strength, you need to practice yoga in a different way, in a buddhist way.

Why a "buddhist way"?

As it is clearly expressed in the Yoga Sutras (often referred as the Bible of Yoga), the hindu tradition of yoga aims at dissociating soul-mind and body in order to be detached from the material world considered as delusive and worthless. The hindu yoga targets the state of nirvana, a state in which the practitioner is supposed to experience pure consciousness, being absolutely detached from his body and the material world. Knowing that, you should ask yourself:

Is this really what I want?

Probably not... therefore, the hindu yoga tradition is not meant for you as it is, but it must be transformed in order to match your expectations. That is what buddhists do: they take the best of it, they transform and develop it so that it helps them to reach their own goal: inner peace and inner strength.

Inner peace, inner strength

The Yoga taught by Sebi School aims at this: to unify body and mind by making both of them strong and soft at the same time, solid and flexible together, and — above all — aware.